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Michael Rulfs 

Michael Rulfs is the Creative Director and Owner of Catch the Moment Productions. He grew up in San Jose, CA. He knew he loved telling stories from an early age when he discovered his fathers camcorder. He would film everything he could including his friends skateboarding. He still remembers making an epic war movie in his backyard. Michael never considered film as a real option as a career, and instead thought mostly about playing professional sports ( Golf and Football). He played both to an extremely high level, but he knew something else was calling him when he finished high school. It was clear that he wanted to pursue film. He attended San Jose State Majoring in Film. He discovered that his favorite part of making movies was telling stories and adding happiness and joy to peoples lives.  after a night of watching old film reels with his grandfather.He realized how special these moments were and wanted to create memories for other families that can last generations. He thought about how neat it would be if you could have watched his grandfathers wedding film. How great it would have been to hear his best friend give a speech.

To watch his grandparents have their first dance. This is really what drove him to create

Catch the Moment and what helped carve out his style of wedding films.

Theodore R.

Theodore Reid has been with Michael since the start of Catch the Moment Productions. He is a lead cinematographer for Catch the Moment and has a passion for telling great cinematic stories. He and Michael met at San Jose State, and they created a great friendship and working relationship. In school Michael knew Theodore had something special about him. He knew how talented he was, and he always had a smile on his face. He brings a great relaxed attitude to what he does. He is someone that can find those special moments that most will miss. 

Elbert R.

Elbert is one of our newest additions to the team. Like Michael and Theodore Elbert also attended film school. He attended the Academy of Arts in Los Angeles. He knew he had a passion for telling stories since he was young and always knew film was the career he would pursue. Elbert is a Cinematographer and helps as an assistant editor to Michael. Elbert has a keen eye for detail and is great at putting people at ease with his easy going attitude. 

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