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What People Are Saying! 

"My number one recommendation to new brides is to get a videographer! The day goes by so quickly and it is priceless to have these memories captured on film. It was completely stress-free working with Catch Your Moment and Michael was always quick to respond to any of my questions. These guys are top notch, I would give them the highest of recommendations!" Ira K

"Catch the Moment Productions team did an AMAZING job capturing every special moment at my wedding. My husband and I debated for a few months on wether or not to get a videographer but once stumbling on Catch the Moment's videos, we were sold. And let me tell you Mike and his team are worth every penny. Mike was so incredibly easy to talk to at the wedding and the days leading up to it. The team worked very well with my photographer and was able to capture all the amazing moments while being obscured. Overall I could not be happier and highly recommend Capture the Moment Productions to anyone who is looking for an incredible wedding video that they can show family, friends, and future children!" Alexis T

"Michael and his team were the best choice we could have made for a videographer on our big day! Michael responded to every email right away, answered any questions we had. The day of the wedding we hardly even noticed the video team around us even though they captured every moment. Our highlight video is the perfect glimpse into how magical the whole day was but the 2 hour film was everything we could ever want to see. Every little detail was there, it’s something we look forward to watching over and over for years to come." Brianna B 

"Catch the moment productions captured the very essence of my wedding. The guys were amazing to work with and extremely professional. I thought their price was very reasonable and they did an excellent job . My wedding video was absolutely beautiful and I can’t thank them enough. Easyly the best money spent. My husband and I have received so many compliments on the video and will treasure it for years to come . I have only positive things to say about this company. They delivered a breathtaking video of our day, and we would highly recommend them. During all the stresses of getting married , they made me laugh several times. The quality of their work was better than some of the most expensive videographers . Thank you catch the moment! Every time I watch the video it’s like reliving the best day of my life."Amber H

My husband and I went back and forth on getting a videographer. The few times I had seen them at
weddings I thought they were very invasive and frankly just in the way.
We went on and on about this during our entire wedding planning. We went to a wedding in early May and Michael and his team were the videographers. They were very discreet. Capturing all the necessary shots, but not in the "shots." I reached out to them for our own wedding and surprised my husband! They were absolutely wonderful to work with and even helped to keep the surprise! He understood my concerns and was absolutely amazing. While we haven't received our full length video, I am already so happy with the teasers we have been given. I don't think brides really understand how much they miss on their wedding day. I didn't get to see anyone walk down the aisle, we missed cocktail hour because of photos. We even missed some of the dancing and celebrations because of hosting. I am so excited to get our video and see everything we were unable to see. If you have it in your budget I would recommend a videographer and I would definitely recommend Catch the Moment Productions.” Megan H.

"If you're considering a videographer for any special event, I couldn't recommend Catch the Moment Productions enough!! We hired them for our wedding and Michael and Theodore were amazing to work with! They fell so seamlessly into our day that many people thought they were from the same company as our photographer even though they weren't. They brought a ton of positive energy with them on our big day, were extremely conscious of things going on and were always out of the way while capturing all the shots we wanted. Michael went way above and beyond and picked up his own audio equipment between our ceremony and reception, because ours was giving us trouble, for us to use at our reception. With all the craziness that comes with wedding planning, Michael was so flexible and patient with us throughout the entire process to make sure we could get all the coverage we needed. When we received our wedding video and shared it with friends, some friends who previously were adamant that they would not want a videographer at their weddings, actually said they were now re-thinking their decision because the video came out so beautifully. I love our video so much, and it's thanks to them!" Laura L

Mike and his team at Catch the Moment Productions were extremely professional, polite, warm-hearted and fun! They made our whole wedding day experience very comfortable. My husband is extremely reserved when it comes to being filmed and you would have never guessed while watching all our wedding videos. I have gotten so many compliments on our highlight film from friends and family that were at the wedding. They said it felt like they were re living our wedding all over again. I would highly recommend Catch the Moment Productions to anyone considering a coming to film their wedding or special event. I have been watching our videos over and over again and can’t thank Mike and his team enough for allowing me to treasure these moments forever!”Lauren H.

"Hold up, SLOW YOUR SCROLL! If you're even considering videography for your wedding you NEED to make it happen and hopefully Mike is still available to book! His fun and friendly personality is the perfect combination for video on your special day! As a wedding photographer myself, I've worked with Mike many times and it's always a joy to know he has my back. We work well together always putting the needs of our couples FIRST! You can count on Mike and Catch the Moment Productions for a professional, easy going and memorable experience. He has a way of capturing the day unfold naturally, being at the right place at the right time and guiding poses + setting up locations for a truly cinematic memory in the making! All of his videos make me shed a few tears... then when he shares videos from our weddings (my couples, too!) I ball with waves of emotions, reliving their beautiful day! Which is why if you're even thinking about video you need to BOOK FAST! If I could vote for 100 Stars I would!" Quianna M
"They did such a nice job capturing the moments that mattered and put it all together so nicely in the teaser, highlight and full documentary films. The guys worked well with our photographers and were very professional as we hardly noticed them...which I say in a complimentary way!" Donald B
"Michael was terrific to work with, easy to communicate with and extremely punctual while providing great insight advice and suggestions to "polish" our product." Stuart M
"Micheal was excellent to work with and we could not be happier with our wedding video. He worked great with our photographer and coordinator. I have, and will continue to recommend Catch the Moment Productions for all of your special events!!" Stacey B
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